The New Chadstone

More than 60 new retail stores, two new dining precincts and a new state-of-the-art cinema complex opened their doors last week, when the first and most significant phase of Chadstone’s $660 million development was officially unveiled.

The crowning jewel of the revamped centre is its 7000 square metre glass domed roof. Standing 31 metres high and equalling the size of 10 football fields, the gridshell roof is an architectural and engineering feat. Designed using 3D modelling, pieced together by hand, 2700 uniquely proportioned pieces of glass make up the 30m high gridshell roof, which gives the centre a light and airy feel by day and presents an incredible opportunity for illumination at night.

Megabay were selected to supply the Viento RGBW Linear LED luminaires for this Australian-first glass Grid Shell Roof. Electrolight were chosen to provide the lighting design with their primary aim to develop a lighting scheme that formed a partnership with the architecture. The lighting is dedicated to the revelation of built detail.

643 high powered linear LED lights are located end to end along the bulkhead that travels around the base perimeter of the grid shell ceiling. These lights provide a wash of light to the ceiling structure that gradient away as it travels up towards the apex of the structure.

All light fittings are concealed from view to ensure a glare free lighting installation that does not distract from the lighting effect. The fittings are colour selectable enabling scenes to be created using manual selections, video or images as backgrounds to select light colour. Vicinity Centres engaged talented artist Kate Banazi to turn her art works in to light, resulting in a playful and dynamic light show.

Story credit : Electrolight.

Quick Facts :

643 x Viento RGBW linear LED luminaires using 30,648 high powered Cree LEDs
System output is capable of up 34 kilowatts of power
Megabay Quick Connect system throughout for fast error free connections
Complete DMX control system solution supplied and programmed by Megabay

Megabay is proud to have been involved in this iconic architectural project.

Watch a short sequence of the Chadstone Grid Shell Roof from above on the opening night.
Credit : Buckford Illumination Group & Vicinity Centres.

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