Viento LED linear projector

Building on the award winning lighting technology of its predecessor, the next generation Viento delivers more power, colour and performance in a smaller and smarter design. Intelligently matched components and refined design make the Viento the perfect sum of its parts, both inside and out.

  • 02:18
  • LED Luminaires

Zimano LED downlight

Zimano - the entirely unique LED downlight with the revolutionary Sunset Dim technology. Combining the visual comfort of classic halogen lighting with the exceptional performance of Sunset Dim™ LED technology, Zimano represents the first real digital downlight that recreates the beauty of a lamp with all the benefits of LED.

  • 2:42
  • LED Luminaires

Geelong City Council Catenary LED Lighting Display

Behind the scenes video of the catenary light installation. The programmable RGBW lights can be changed to complement special events, including Christmas, football finals and even St Patrick’s Day. The light tubes can also be synced to music to create “special dance parties". The display is made up of 48 individual hanging RGBW LED light tubes

  • 2:23
  • Custom LED Display

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