The New Chadstone

More than 60 new retail stores, two new dining precincts and a new state-of-the-art cinema complex opened their doors last week, when the first and most significant... Read More

  • Tue 8, Nov 2016
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New Catalogue 2016-2017 ready for download

Featuring the next generation Viento linear projector and the revolutionary Zimano downlight with Sunset Dim technology, our latest catalogue showcases some exciting new luminaires and popular lights... Read More

  • Mon 26, Sep 2016
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Colourful refurbishment in Perth Sheraton 4 Points

The refurbishment of the Best brew bar in the Sheraton 4 point lobby was conceptualised to mimic the coloured lighting effects used at Perth Arena, directly opposite... Read More

  • Wed 24, Feb 2016
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Brompton Lodge Trees Solar Illumination

The Brompton Lodge Trees are a semi-permanent, off grid lighting feature designed to emphasize a piece of land earmarked for development. Lighting design firm Candlestick was approached... Read More

  • Thu 26, Nov 2015
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Centricity Footscray Plaza Custom Artwork

Steel sculpture designed by Melbourne artist Matthew Harding.

The construction of a residential development above Footscray Plaza has finally concluded with the installation of a 240-square-metre screen that lights ... Read More

  • Wed 18, Nov 2015
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State Library of Victoria embraces LED

The heritage listed State Library of Victoria, an Australian iconic building with classical architecture comes alive with dynamic and vibrant LED illumination. Viento luminaires spaced strategically out... Read More

  • Wed 4, Nov 2015
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Liverpool Catholic Club IES NSW Award Winner

Multi-storey car park with a touch of difference. Jadecross was pleased to be a part of the Haron Robson designed Liverpool Catholic Club car park which was... Read More

  • Wed 4, Nov 2015
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