Hydrics™ Technology

Our unique Hydrics™ plated finish on our brass luminaires is applied using a chemical technique unlike conventional electroplating. Its desirable appearance is similar to stainless steel however the luminaire’s thermal brass construction allows for superior LED performance. The finish can endure long-term exposure to salt, chlorine, soil and many other substances within a harsh environment. 

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Hydrics™ metalisation of brass

Hydrics™ is a 18 stage process involving complex acidic, chemical and detergent cleansing for removing all traces of impurities deep within the brass pores. A carefully controlled chemical growth process deposits the sophisticated finish onto the brass surface. Final thermal hardening and strict quality control tests ensure a superior finish.

Superior finish and consistent uniform coating

Hydrics™ plating has a similar appearance to brushed stainless steel desired by modern architecture. The unique metal plating process provides a uniform coating superior than traditional methods. Hydrics™ is designed to last the life of the luminaire with little change over time.

Excellent thermal performance.

Hydrics™ is a uniform metal layer over thermally optimised DZR Brass. Our special Brass alloy has superior thermal efficiency exceeding inferior metals such as stainless steel. The performance of our LED luminaires is increased with better efficiency, white point stability and long term lumen maintenance, when effective heat management materials are used.

Resistant to the harshest of environments and man made substances.

Hydrics™ is an extremely ‘tough’ metal surface layer with excellent corrosion resistance. Hydrics™ has been proven in the field to withstand exposure to a diverse range of chemicals, substances and harsh exterior environments. Hydrics™ exceptional properties ensure durability and longevity making it suitable for all commercial and architectural settings.

Tested to withstand : coastal climate exposure, concentrated chlorine untreated water waste, acidic cleaning fluids, alcoholic & cola drinks, coffee, lemon juice, animal urine, acidic fertilised soils and more …

Quality control and stringent testing.

The entire Hydrics™ growth process is conducted at our own plating facility, overseen by experienced plating specialists. Computer controlled tests adjust parameters every 10 seconds to ensure precise results for every individual component. The Hydrics™ warranty is provided for the assurance of your lighting project for many years to come .



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